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Orv’s Storied Past

It was the late 1950′s, an entrepreneur Orville Kositzke had just experienced his first taste of authentic Chicago-made pizza. It changed him, and it changed history. Orv took that encounter home to his native Appleton, WI, and soon enlisted his brother Clarence “Curly” Kositzke to help him experiment with different pizza recipes. Family and friends simply couldn’t get enough of Kositzke’s pizza, raving about the bold blends of herbs and spices and the unique thin sheeted crust. Encouraged by their reactions and suggestions that he could sell his pizza publicly, Orv started a small take-and-bake shop on Richmond Street in Appleton. “Orv’s Pizza” opened its doors in 1963 and the delightful tradition of this fine pizza is still carried on over appetizing years later.

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Choose Orv’s and get the best! You deserve it! If you can’t find Orv’s in your local freezer case, ask the store manager about carrying Orv’s products. You’ll both be glad you did!

Pizzeria Ultra Thin

Try all 5 of our delicious Pizzeria Ultra Thin Pizzas!

Cheese - Pepperoni - Sausage - Supreme - Sausage & Pepperoni 

Ultimate Rizer

Try all 5 varieties of our Ultimate Rizer pizzas!

Special Deluxe - Sausage & Pepperoni - Extra Cheese - Pepperoni - Three Meat